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Swedish Council for Sustainable Development (inactive as of 2007)

Environmental Advisory Council / Miljövårdsberedningen (MVB) (inactive as of 2011)


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Miljövårdsberedningen (MVB)

Karlavägen 100

SE-103 33 Stockholm, Sweden



Composition and Membership 

The Swedish Council for Sustainable Development, which existed between 2005-2007, was a platform to try and integrate sustainable development across the country’s different political levels. The Council had 12 members, including one representative from the sub-national level. The Council organised seminars and regular exchange between the different levels of Swedish Government. Since then, the government created a Commission on Sustainability but this was only active until 2009. Since then The Delegation for Sustainable Cities (Delegationen för hållbara städer) was launched by the then Environmental Advisory Council (MVB), however the Delegation finalised its government assignment as of January 2012.

The Swedish Environmental Advisory Council (Miljövårdsberedningen or MVB) was established in 1968 to advise the Swedish Government on environmental issues. It covered all sectors of the Swedish Cabinet Ofice and the Ministries and had many different missions during the years since. As of June 2011, the Swedish Minister for the Environment decided to establish "Miljöforskningsberedningen" (Environmental Research Council), within the frame of the old advisory council (MVB) which was abolished. Researchers for the Miljöforskningsberedningen were appointed in April 2012.

Nonetheless the Swedish Government has launched a 'Commission on the Future' (Framtidskommissionen) which remains active. The Commission on the Future is chaired by the Prime Minister and consists of party leaders in the government and nine individuals with different perspectives and from different parts of the Swedish society:

    • Mr. Fredrik Reinfeldt, Swedish Prime Minister
    • Mr. Jan Björklund, Minister of Education
    • Ms. Annie Lööf, Minister of Enterprise
    • Mr. Göran Hägglund, Minister of Social Affairs
    • Ms. Viveca Ax:son Johnson, Chairman of Nordstjernan
    • Mr. Klas Eklund, Economist and Professor
    • Ms. Helena Jonsson, Chairman of LFR
    • Mr. Pekka Mellergård, Associate Professor of Neurosurgery and University Lecturer
    • Ms. Eva Nordmark, Chairman of TCO
    • Mr. Johan Rockstrom, Professor
    • Ms. Mernosh Saatchi
    • Mr. Lars Trägårdh, Professor Ersta Sköndal University College
    • Ms. Stina Westerberg, Director General of National Musical Works
    • Mr. Jesper Strömbäck, Principal Secretary



Strategic Challenges A Further Elaboration of the Swedish Strategy for Sustainable Development (Mar. 2006)