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National Sustainable Development Council

Conselho Nacional para o Desenvolvimento Sustentável (CONDES)


Address: Rua Kassoende 167, Maputo

Contact person: Mr. André da Silva

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Phone: +258 214670201

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Mission Statement

The National Council for Sustainable Development (CONDES) was  established by the 1997 Environment Law to promote and coordinate all sectoral efforts towards sustainable use of natural resources while promoting sustainable economic and social development. Its mandate is to promote dialogue on environment issues during the preparation of sector policies pertaining natural resources use and management and monitoring the implementation of all policies of relevance to environmental management. CONDES is assisted by a Secretariat constituted by two Ministry for the Coordination of Environmental Action (MICOA) staff members.


Role and Function

CONDES is an advisory body of the Council of Ministers and is consulted for public hearings on environmental issues in order to ensure effective and proper coordination and integration of the principles and activities of environmental management in the development of the country. Therefore CONDES is one of the principal instruments integrating sectoral and inter-sectoral and mainstreaming.
The functions of the National Council for Sustainable Development  (CONDES) are:

  • Ensure effective and efficient coordination of the principles and activities of the environmental management in the country sustainable development process;
  • Advice on policies related to Natural resources management;
  • Analyse and comment on Law nº 20/97 complementary legislation proposals including the initiation of proposals or revision of all legislation related to natural resources of the country;
  • Comment on environment related international convention ratification proposals;
  • Design proposals for financial or any other incentive creation in order to stimulate economic agents to adopt environmental procedures in their daily use of country’s natural resources
  • Display simplifying and speeding mechanisms in the process of licencing natural resources related activities; and
  • Comment on conflicts of interests in matters related to environment.
  • proposals for the creation of financial incentives or otherwise to promote the economic to the adoption of environmentally sound in the everyday use of the resources of the country;
  • proposals for mechanisms for simplifying and streamlining the process of licensing of activities related to the use of natural resources;
  • recommendations to the ministers of the various areas of natural resource management on aspects of their areas;
  • a forum for resolving disputes related to the institutional use and management of natural resources.

Composition and Membership

CONDES is subordinated to the Prime Minister’s Office and is constituted by Ministers and Vice-ministers from relevant sectors (agriculture, tourism, energy, mineral resources, planning and development, health, etc.) and chaired by the Minister of Environment. It is composed as follows:

  • Prime Minister - President;
  • Minister for coordination of Environmental Affairs – Vice- President;
  • Minister of Finance;
  • Minister of Planning and Development;
  • Minister of Transport and Communication;
  • Minister of Agriculture;
  • Minister of Infrastructure and Housing;
  • Minister of Industry and Commerce;
  • Minister of Mineral Resources;
  • Minister of Tourism;
  • Minister of Fishing;
  • Minister of Energy
  • Minister of Education;
  • Minister of State Administration;
  • Three personalities appointed by the president of CONDES, based on the proposal of the Environment Ministe;
  • Three representatives of academic institutions; and
  • Three representatives of the civil society and private sector.

CONDES is at the top of the GoM’s environmental management hierarchy and its organs are:

a)    Technical Advice; and
b)    Secretariat



Regulamento de Funcionamento do Conselho Nacional do Desenvolvimento Sustentável